I don’t think there is a more approachable CAD system out there.
Jolyon Yates, ODEChair
I could not of created all these products and all documentation for manufacturing without Shark.
Ross Bishop, BrightLine Bags
My personal approach to design is ‘less is more’ where the subject is reduced to its necessary elements. Shark FX belongs to the same philosophy where the work is stripped down to its most fundamental feature, with minimum mouse movement needed to create complex yet precise 3D form. It just works flawlessly. What I can imagine I can draw using the Shark FX.
Dragomir Ivicevic, XYZ Marine Products
We all discovered there that the combination of being able to design shapes in minutes, not days or weeks, combined with the ever growing faster simulation technology will change the way aircraft- or aerodynamic design works. Now you can have an Idea, do some very very simple maths for the main parameters and you have some simulation results not very much later. Changing the shape is done in no time and you are in the next cycle. By that you can evolve a design to the best fit really fast! Errors are not lethal. And so the design process is much more open.
Alban Geissler, FreeSky
I am using Shark FX with AeroPack as my primary CAD system in developing my first post-retirement aircraft, the SkiGull; a two-place, multi-surface (water, snow, grass and runway) aircraft that will have the typical performance of a good land-plane.
Burt Rutan, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Scaled Composites


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